About Equity

Equity differs from equality. Equality is about ensuring people are given the same resources, whereas equity takes into account that not everyone has the same lived experiences. Equality only works toward fairness if everyone has the same starting point. Prioritizing equality over equity allows privilege to go unchecked and glosses over the significant socioeconomic disadvantages marginalized groups face. Equity, on the other hand, promotes fairness through acknowledging the differences we face and reconciling inequalities.

The Zilkha Center is passionate about moving towards a more sustainable future and to be able to truly do so, we put our energy into equitable sustainability. Communities of color and low income communities disproportionately are subject to environmental injustice. That means they are at higher risk of being affected by water and air pollution as well as less likely to have their environmental quality be properly protected by the government.

Equity is actively built into every factor of our mission at the Zilkha Center and we believe that it is important to highlight what equity and environmental justice efforts look like on campus.

Starting in 2020, we’ve participated in the Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge as part of our summer internship program.