Composting Guide

Campus Guide for Recycling, Composting, Returning Reusables By Jacob Chen '23.5 (Click here for a full size version of this poster.)
by Jacob Chen ‘23.5 (Click here for a full size version of this poster.)

Have any questions about what you can compost in the dining halls and what you can’t? As a general rule, all food is compostable, but many other items are not! Check out this guide to find out what can be tossed with the compost and what can’t.

Yes – all food waste, utensils, coffee cups + lids

No – Snack bags + wrappers, plastic cups, condiments.

Green compost bins are next to dish drop-offs in every building across campus!


  • Compostable

    The compostable items below are those from dining halls (Mission, Whitman's Driscoll, Lee Snack Bar, Grab N Go, '82 Grill, EcoCafe)

    • All food
    • Coffee cups
    • Coffee cup lids
    • Napkins
    • Paper plates
    • Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons)
    • Cutlery packaging
    • Wooden coffee stirrers
    • Take-out "clamshell" containers
    • Chopsticks
    • Tea bags
    • Straws (from the dining halls)
    • Paper bags
    • Grab 'n Go sandwich wrapper
    • Single-use salt & pepper packets
    • Paper towels
  • Non-compostable

    • Plastic wrappers (from crackers, etc.)
    • Sugar, Sweet N Low, Equal packets
    • Chip Bags
    • Single-Use Condiment packets
    • Granola and protein bar wrappers
    • Vegan Sliced Cheese Wrappers
    • Individual yogurt cups (the cups are recyclable)
    • Individual soy milk cartons