Committees & Working Groups

Zero Waste Task Force

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the  ZWTF will be taking the campus wide waste assessment conducted in the 2019-2020 academic year and the waste section of the sustainability strategic plan report (see below) to create a campus-wide Zero Waste Strategic Plan.  Campus stakeholders involved with procurement and waste are involved in the ZW Task Force as are representatives from the student organization – Williams Environmental Council.  If you are interested in being involved, please  email the Zilkha Center.

Campus Environmental Advisory Committee

The Campus Environmental Advisory Committee acts as a forum for communication among students, faculty, staff, and administrators on environmental matters; advises and works to develop policy on matters of environmental stewardship in the operation of the College; assists in developing relevant environmental resources and strategies for Williams; and fosters a sense of shared environmental responsibility among various constituencies and individuals on campus.

Carbon Offsets Task Force

The Carbon Offsets Task Force reviews the college’s most recent carbon offsets purchases and makes recommendations for the following year’s purchases.  The college initially committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2015 for the 2020 goals and then again in the sustainability strategic planning to neutralize the emissions the college has not been able to reduce.  The college has committed to reducing campus-based emissions in order to reduce the number of carbon offsets it must purchase and intends to reduce its reliance on offsets over time.  The report of the first offsets purchase can be found here.  Because the carbon offsets learning curve is steep, the members of this task force are encouraged to serve two one-year terms.  To learn more about carbon offsets, please visit the college’s carbon offsets website and read CEAC’s offset report.

Student Dining Services Committee

A student organization committed to acting as a liaison between dining services and the student body. The committee works to connect students to their food, and to facilitate student ownership and thought over choices in the dining halls.


For more information about other committees and advisory groups, please visit the Williams Committees page.