The following courses offered during the 2016-2017 academic year all examine climate change in one way or another. For some, it is the central theme of the course, for others an investigation of climate change is woven in.  Click on the course titles to learn more about each course.


Courses Offered in the Fall

ARTH 420/ENVI 420/GBST 420/EXPR 420: Architecture and Sustainability in a Global World

ARTS 215: Sustainabuilding

BIOL 225/ ENVI 225: Natural History of the Berkshires

ECON 204/ENVI 234: Economics of Developing Countries

ENVI 101: Nature and Society

ENVI 244/PHIL 244 Environmental Ethics

ENVI 260 / ANTH 260: The Whale

ENVI 302/ AM 302/ ENVI 411: Practicum: Environmental Planning Workshop

ENVI 303: Cultures of Climate Change

ENVI 351/ MAST 351/ PSCI 319: Marine Policy (also offered in Spring)

ENVI 422/ BIOL 422: Ecology of Sustainable Agriculture

GEOS 103/ENVI 103: Global Warming and Natural Disasters

GEOS 206/ ENVI 206: Renewable Energy and the Sustainable Campus

LATS 220/AMST/ENVI 221: Introduction to Urban Studies

REL 318 California: Myths, Peoples, Places

PHYS 108 / ENVI 108: Energy, Science, and Technology

PSCI 135/ENVI 235: Politics After the Apocalypse

PSYC 346 / ENVI 346: Environmental Psychology


Course Offered During Winter Study

ARTH 15/ ARTS 15: Public Art and Climate Change: Ghana ThinkTank and the Making of a Museum Installation

ENVI 16: Confronting Climate Change: Reducing Emissions at Williams

ENVI 25: The Front Lines of Climate Change: Planning for Climate Change on Eleuthera

ENVI 26/ SPEC 26: Climate Policy in the New Presidency


Courses Offered in the Spring

AFR 211/ ENVI 211/ SOC 211/ AMST 211: Race and the Environment

AMST 352: Grassroots Organizing and Civil Resistance

ARTS 114: Art into Activism

ECON 213: Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

ECON 387/ ENVI 387/ ECON 387 Economics of Climate Change

ECON 477/ENVI 376 Economics of Environmental Behavior

ENG 445 World’s End: Literary Ecologies of the Limit

ENVI 102: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVI 110: The Anthropocene: Nature and Culture in the Human Age

ENVI 217/ AMST 216: Environmental Humanities: Theory and Practice

ENVI 248: “Our Policy Will Define Our Future”: Climate Change Policy Analysis

ENVI 340/PSCI 343: Climate Change Law

ENVI 351/ MAST 351/ PSCI 319: Marine Policy (also offered in Fall)

GEOS 108: Observing Writing

GEOS 215/ENVI 215: Climate Changes

GEOS 258/ENVI 258/MAST 258: Coastal Processes and Geomorphology

PSCI 120/ LEAD 120/ GBST 101: America and the World

PSCI 235/ENVI 235: Survival and Resistance: Environmental Political Theory