Student Projects

Students often do the research that leads to positive sustainability changes on campus. Some classes have final projects that focus on such research.

Many of the projects on this page are from the “Renewable Energy and the Sustainable Campus” course. Others are campus-sustainability summer research, Eco Advisor projects, or projects from other courses. Another set of resources are the student papers from the CES website, which you can find at

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this liberal arts institution, projects/papers in many classes can be sustainability-related.

Have a project you worked on that you’d like to add to this website, email us.

Digestible Solutions: A review of post-consumer food waste at Williams
Nordmeyer, Agustus and Pham, True,
Independent Study, Winter 2021



Exploring How to Decrease Food Waste through LeanPath
Sherpa, Ang
Eco-Advisors, Zilkha Center, Spring 2017

Link to google slides presentation

William’s Sustainable Transportation Guide
Cao, Vera
Eco-Advisors, Zilkha Center, Spring 2020


William’s Sustainable Transportation Guide


Biodiesel Fuel at Williams
Das, Snehadri
ZC internship, Spring 2020

(Biodiesel Feasibility Investigation Reflection)

(Rudimentary Cost-Benefit Analysis for Biodiesel Production at Williams)

(An Illustrated Guide to Producing Biodiesel)

(How to Make Biodiesel – Teacher edition)

(The Chemistry of Biodiesel Production – Student edition)

Considering a Sustainability Requirement at Williams College
Bless, Reece
ZC internship, Spring 2020

(View Google Doc)

Energy Conservation Sustainability Improvements at Williams
Anderson, Ted
PDC internship, Spring 2020

(View as Google Doc)

Restorative Climate Justice and Carbon Offsetting
Gardner, Nick
ENVI 412, Spring 2019

(View Google Doc)

Carbon Neutrality at Williams: Should We Worry About Moral Licensing?
Maynard, Josie
ENVI 412, Spring 2019

(View Google Doc)

Plastic Soup
Tekin, Jane
ENVI 329, Spring 2019

(View PDF)

Our Planet’s Plastic Plight: Student Action to Address Apathy
Sang Hwan Lee, Sophia Sonnenfeldt
ENVI 329, Spring 2019

Read the whole letter to future students here.

Zilkha Center Letter: sent to the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives staff

Letter to the Sustainability Working Group and the Williams Strategic Planning Effort: to inform the strategic planning efforts during 2019-2020 academic year

First Year Letter: sent to staff working to plan First Year programming including First Days and EphVentures

Conceptualizing our Carbon
Weinberg, Caroline
ZC internship, 2018-2019

Energy Conservation Projects Implemented in Hollander Hall, Lambert, Milham, and Susie Hopkins
Monge, Julio
Zilkha Center intern, Fall 2015

View PDF

Energy conservation projects implemented over summer 2015
Monge, Julio
Zilkha Center intern, Summer 2015

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Confronting Climate Change: On-Campus Emission Reductions Possibilities
Black, Anna; Kim, Juchan; Wasinger, Rainer,
Internship, Summer 2016

(View as Google Doc)

Drawdown Solutions for New England Institutions of Higher Education
Spalding-Fecher, Maya
Internship, Spring 2019

View Google Doc Report

The Case for Increasing Garden Accessibility in Williams’ LBC Environmental Center
Onubogu, Ivana
Summer Intern, Summer 2018

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Researching Green Building Initiatives: Dorm Thermal Comfort, Sustainable Building Planning, Envi Center Tours
Chester, Evan
Zilkha Summer Internship, Summer 2018

Final Presentation link

Carbon Offsets: Potential Biodiversity Impacts and Recommendations
Banks, Adrienne; Bardong, Liam; Sullivan, Shauna; Dory, Sean; DuBois, Astrid; Elder, Emily; Smith, Rebecca; Martin, Laura,
Envi 252: Biodiversity and Climate Change, Spring 2018

Report (View PDF)

Increasing Outdoor Recycling
Ticknor, Emma
Eco-Advisor Project, Spring 2018

Final Project

Forward Food Experience: Plant-Based Culinary Training for Dining Staff
DuBois, Astrid
Eco-Advisor Project, Spring 2018

Video link

Greening Clark Hall: Assessing the Cost of Energy Efficiency
Caplin, Bennett
Geos 206, Fall 2017

Final Project

Food Waste Reduction at Williams College: A Look at LeanPath
Khilnani, Calla
Geos 206, Fall 2017

Final Project (View Google Doc)

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: What Happens Outside of the Dining Halls?
Munoz, Jessica
Geos 206, Fall 2017

Final Project (View Google Doc)

Ways to Increase Diversion Rates at Williams College
Vo, Phuong
Geos 206, Fall 2017

Final Project (View Google Doc)

Living Up to the Challenge? Williams College and its Pursuit of the Living Building Challenge
Khosla, Yuv Vir
Geos 206, Fall 2016

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