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Apply to be Root Co-director!

Root is entering its sixth year and is looking for two student co-directors to lead the way.  You can find information about Root here.  Planning and creating Root is a collaboration among Davis Center staff, Zilkha Center staff, and student directors. The… Continue reading »

Take the Survey – Sustainability in our Built Environment

The Zilkha Center regularly fields questions about how Williams’ current and future construction projects support (and don’t support) the college’s sustainability goals.  We’re looking for more information about your priorities and concerns with respect to sustainability and the physical campus. This information will be used to inform the… Continue reading »

ZC Intern Update #2: Heat Wave

This article is about the College’s energy usage data. If you’re interested in the way Williams works to be more efficient and sustainable, you can play with the College’s Projected Emissions Reduction with the Williams Wedge web app. Check it out!… Continue reading »

ZC Intern Update #1: Weekly Sustainable Lunch

Natalie and Daniel introducing the meal they’ve created. Beets are a recurring favorite Every Thursday, the Zilkha Center interns gather together in the Environmental Center’s kitchen to share a lunch. The interns rotate cooking duties, and every meal is crafted with sustainable ingredients sourced from our… Continue reading »

Welcoming Caroline, our new Sustainability Coordinator!

Please help us welcome the Zilkha Center’s new Sustainability Coordinator Caroline Bruno! Caroline coordinates and manages much of the ZC’s student-facing work including the Eco-Advisors, Academic Year Interns, Summer Interns, and the ZC side of the ZC-DC Root collaboration. Caroline, an alum of the class of 2015, is excited… Continue reading »

Meet the Summer Interns!

Every summer, the Zilkha Center hires students to work as summer interns. For 10 weeks, the interns work in the garden, cook sustainable meals, and work on their own projects for the Zilkha Center. This summer, eight interns have joined us, and we’ll have regular updates on their work… Continue reading »

Give It Up! – End of Year Donation Program

Give It Up! pods are all around campus! Donate your things as you move off campus to benefit: ABC Clothing Sale First Congregational Church of Williamstown Williamstown Food Pantry Konyango Community-Based Organization (in Kenya) Click here to learn more about these organizations “Give… Continue reading »

Help Get Dishes Back to the Dining Halls

Dining Services is conducting an end-of-semester call for dishes that haven’t yet made it back to the dining halls. There are 47 dish return bins located around campus. Please put any dishes that you find stashed away in a common room corner in these bins/boxes – regardless of… Continue reading »

Forward Food Experience – May 3rd in Whitman’s

After learning about their free plant-based culinary training, Eco-Advisor Astrid DuBois ’20 reached out to the Humane Society to see if they might be able to offer the training for Dining Services.  Director Bob Volpi and Executive Chef Mark Thompson were on board and the planning commenced. Wednesday May… Continue reading »

High Efficiency Vehicle Stickers & Parking Spaces

To qualify for a Williams high-efficiency vehicle (HEV) sticker, a car must be on the LEED Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles list.  There is a wide range of fuel efficient, low-emitting cars on the list – more than 4300 qualifying cars from model years 1998-2018. As can… Continue reading »

End-of-Year Computer Recycling program – GreenUp

At the end of each year, students, faculty, and staff can safely and responsibly recycle personal computing equipment. What Can I Drop Off? Laptops, monitors, printers, and other computer peripherals are accepted. When and Where is It? The main GreenUp program – for seniors, faculty, and staff – is May… Continue reading »

Williamstown’s Table-to-Farm Composting Initiative

Design by Jessica Chen, Williams College Class of 2019 ‘Table to Farm’ adds twist to farm-to-table movement BY BRAD JOHNSON “Farm to table” has become a familiar phrase in the Berkshire lexicon as more and more area restaurants emphasize the procurement and use of local produce and food products… Continue reading »

Earth Day Meals on Monday!

In honor of Earth Day, here’s what you’ll find at Driscoll, Whitman’s, and Mission dining halls on Monday April 23rd: Driscoll’s Earth Day Meatless Monday Sweet Beet and Apple Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Lima Bean Hummus with Tomato Toast Hot & Sour Cucumbers Wild Mushroom Salad with Mint Hot Moroccan… Continue reading »

Thermal Imaging Cameras at the ELC

Interested in learning where in your room or on campus energy is wasted? You can use a thermal imaging camera to see where and how much heat radiates from an object – or in this case, a dog. The Equipment Loan Center has a couple thermal imagers. The… Continue reading »

Report on College Building

Do you have questions about how the college thinks about building? Like: How does it decide if and when to build?  What makes one building project happen before another? And how does the college pay for it all? If so, please read the Report on Building, now available on… Continue reading »