High Performance Buildings

According to the updated Building Policies of Williams College, all building projects of $5.3 million dollars or above must pursue LEED Gold certification (or a similarly high-performance building standard) or higher. This page lists the certified buildings and explains the sustainable design choices behind them in detail.

An explanation of the building certifications used at the College can be found here.

Building Year Certification Standard Modeled
Air Tightness
Hollander Hall 2008 LEED Gold
Schapiro Hall 2008 LEED Gold
Sawyer Library 2014 LEED Gold
Weston Athletic Complex 2014 LEED Gold
Class of 1966 Environmental Center 2015 LBC Petal (awaiting certification
for full Living Certified)
0.15 cfm75/sf
Weston Hall 2016 LEED Gold 44
Horn Hall 2016 LEED Gold 25 29
Williams Bookstore 2017 LEED Platinum 40 0.12 cfm75/SF
Garfield House 2019 LEED Gold + Passive House 28
Williams Inn 2019 LEED Platinum 60 0.127 cfm75/sf
CDE Fellows Hall 2019 ILFI Zero Energy ** 0.085 cfm75/sf
Saint Anthony Hall (CDE) 2019 LEED Gold 30 0.40 cfm75/sf
South Science 2018 Awaiting certification (LEED Gold) 125 (combined EUI N&S) 0.11 cfm75/sf
North Science 2021 In construction (LEED Gold) 125 (combined EUI N&S)
Davis Center Schematic Design (as of Jan 2021) (LBC Petal)
Fort Bradshaw 2021 Awaiting certification (LEED Silver + LBC Petal) 30 0.38 cfm75/sf
Last updated January 2021
*EUI stands for Energy Use Intensity, the amount of energy used per square foot per year. A lower EUI signifies a more efficient use of space.
** The CDE Fellows Hall and St. Anthony’s Hall together have a target EUI of 30, a value that is low due to the residence hall’s achievement of the Net-Zero Energy petal of the Living Building Challenge
*** The combined EUI for the North and South buildings is estimated at 137, with the North Science Building expected to achieve a much lower portion of the EUI because it will have departments that require offices, not necessarily energy-intensive laboratories


LEED projects

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LBC projects

  • Home of the Center for Environmental Studies & the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
    '66 Environmental Center website
    Completion Date: 2015
    Achieved LBC Petal Certification: 2017
    Seeking LBC Full Living Certification

  • See "The Fort" above in the LEED section


Net Zero Energy


Passive House