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Lansing Chapman Rink

Lansing Chapman Rink

Lansing Chapman Rink – Working off of a previous student project, the Zilkha Center has headed a restoration of the Lansing Chapman Ice Rink. Of the changes, a new reflective ceiling will be installed in order to reduce the refrigeration costs, as it helps keep the ice sheet from melting. New high output florescent lights more »

Chapin Chandeliers Go LED

website chandelier

The  chandeliers in Chapin Hall have been retrofit with white, dimmable, globe-shaped LED bulbs.  These will reduce the electric load by 14,500 watts, saving $2800 and 9.7 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Jesup front lobby gets a lighting makeover.

The front desk at Jesup

The old lights in Jesup main lobby and front desk area were dim, inefficient, had especially poor color rendering, and made you look like a zombie. The new lights do none of that, and more. The new lights have reduced the wattage more than 50% while making the space substantially brighter. Color rendering and shadowing more »

New recycling barrels on Spring Street!

New and blue

  Three new recycling barrels are installed on Spring Street.  The locations are: the corner by the American Legion, by the ATM outside Tunnel City Coffee, and outside The Log.   Each new (blue) recycling container is paired with an existing (brown) trash container.  The new blue containers are for recyclable beverage containers only! The more »

Board Endorses Campus Green Building Guidelines

Rain garden at Schapiro Hall

Williams has adopted green building guidelines.  Endorsed by the Board of Trustees as its most recent meeting, the guidelines are the culmination of extensive discussion by the college’s Campus Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC) and apply to all projects from this time forward.  Williams’ sustainability office, the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, and the Facilities Department provided more »

Green school ratings


Several organizations have been producing green school ratings.  Invariably when one of the ratings hits the press, we get a call at the Zilkha Center, wondering why Williams wasn’t on the list or why we weren’t on the top of the list.  Rest assured that the Williams College is working hard to reduce its environmental more »

High-velocity hand dryers in athletics


Ten high-performance hand dryers were installed in locker rooms and rest rooms in the athletic complex.  These dryers were originally installed in Hollander and Schapiro, but were removed because of complaints about noise. Manufactured locally in East Longmeadow, MA, these high-performance units use a 180-mph jet of air to blast hands dry in just 10 more »

Helicopter infrared survey of campus steam lines

013 ChampmanRink

  On the evening of Monday, May 11, a helicopter could be heard hovering over several parts of campus. This was part of an all-campus survey using infrared thermography, targeted mainly at the underground steam lines to look for leaks and/or places where the insulation has been compromised. It also looked for potential water leaks in more »

Infrared Thermography In Use

Excavated steam pipe showing section of missing insulation

The Zilkha Center now has a thermal imaging camera, which can be used to hunt down energy waste. Infrared thermography allows us to see the heat radiated from an object. Just like in the movie “Predator” it can track down a warm body, or identify hot (or cold) spots in buildings and machines. Often these more »

Do it in the Dark Energy Competition


From April 15th through April 21st, first year dorms will compete with one another to see who can reduce their energy use the most. On each day of the competition, the dorms will be rated by much they have decreased their energy use from the week before. All dorms have electricity, heat and hot water more »

Sustainable Garden Party


Williams College Sustainable Growers hosted their first of the season garden party on Saturday.  Michelle Rodriguez warmed up the day with her lovely tribute to gardening.

Sustainable Food Systems: Winter Study


Around the world, a growing number of forward-thinking institutions and businesses are reviewing their purchasing habits and incorporating environmental concerns into all stages of their procurements.  In the face of the current, interrelated economic and environmental threats, how can business leaders “green” supply chains and utilize the ‘power of purchase’ towards the development of a more »

Elliptical trainers generate electricity


Williams has retrofitted the elliptical trainers in the gym so that they can convert your work out energy into usable electrical power. When you exercise on one of the 18 trainers you are generating electricity that can be used in the building. ReRev (TM) retrofits cardio equipment to reroute the energy that is being emitted more »